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Feb 22

Food as Storytelling: An Irish Literary Brunch

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be hosting a literary brunch as part of the UL/Frank McCourt Creative Writing Summer School University of Limerick (#ULCWFest). Previously held in New York City, this is the first year that the hugely popular summer school has located itself in the city of its fondly-remembered patron, Frank McCourt. This year it’s […]

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Selection of ‘Limerick’s Top Chefs: The Recipe Collection’ Features, Published in Limerick Life Newspaper 2016

A short selection of recently published ‘Limerick’s Top Chefs: The Recipe Collection’ Features, originally published in Limerick Life Newspaper in 2016

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‘Gourmet Gadgets’ – Published Food & Wine Magazine, June 2016

I finally took the plunge.  I bought a Magimix.  The famous food processor and its sixteen attachments are currently sitting on my dining table, as there isn’t an inch of space in my cupboards for yet another kitchen gadget. From the pestle and mortar to the millstone, humans have always sought out ways to make […]

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The Pigtown Revival – Published Limerick Life Newspaper, June 2016

Anyone who has visited Limerick’s Milk Market on a Saturday morning can attest to Limerick’s vibrant food culture, with its immense selection of local, quality produce, as well as interesting, culturally-diverse ingredients. Limerick’s close relationship with food stretches back, though, to the 18th century.  As a garrison city, there was a requirement for ample food […]

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‘Clean Living’ – Published Food & Wine Magazine, May 2016

Nowadays one can hardly open a magazine, visit a supermarket or scroll through a phone without being encouraged to ‘eat clean’ by some relentlessly cheery, bright-eyed and lithe-limbed specimen of human perfection. When the description ‘clean’ began to appear on advertisements and features about food – instead of say, dishwasher tablets – many dismissed it […]

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