Book Review: Delightful Dublin by Emily Westbrooks

DD amended 2* Full disclosure – Emily Westbrooks is a dear friend so if I come across all Kanye West-ish (it’s earth-shattering / history-changing / work of a modern god) you know why.  But apart from that, it really is fabulous.  Honestly.

Arriving to our shores some six years ago, Emily Westbrooks will admit that she wasn’t all that enamoured.  Ireland was convulsing in a near-fatal recession and everywhere she looked, businesses were closing down, people were being laid off and a bleak cloud of despair was descending on Dublin.

Fast forward a couple of years and Emily has explored every inch of her adopted city and in doing so, developed a deep and heartfelt affinity with the cobblestoned streets, burnished brass doorknobs and splashes of modern art.  She has personally met and interviewed the earnest and hard-working entrepreneurs who are hauling our country back onto its feet.   She has championed the cause of the local designers, the small food producers and the community-focused businesses.  She has even tasted Guinness without blackcurrant.

In Delightful Dublin Emily takes us – with the fervour of the converted – through lesser known Dublin, eschewing the tired and much-trod paths to traditional tourist spots, in favour of an eclectic mix of what I term ‘true’ Ireland.  The artisan cafes, the Irish designers and the little-known, authentic glimpses into our recent and ancient past.

Less labour and more love, this very beautiful book is the culmination of months of months of late nights, hard work and an ever-strengthening friendship between Emily and Julie Matkin.  It’s visually sumptuous, informative in its content and above all, makes my heart sing in recongition of a city which has provided the rich and varied backdrop to every family story I know.

Moore Street


Download it for just $12 / €9 here and clear your schedule for just a little while, all the better to immerse yourself in our beautiful capital, seen through loving and truly appreciative eyes.




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