Limerick Literary Festival in Honour of Kate O’Brien

I once made an absolute eejit of myself in a room full of local writers by wondering out loud why Limerick didn’t have a literary festival like Waterford, Listowel, Cork and all the rest.


It turns out that Limerick very much does have an annual literary festival, except it was called the Kate O’Brien weekend instead.  People much more experienced than I made this decision, but I can’t help wondering how many other people make the same mistake I did in presuming that poor old Limerick was left out of the literary festival calendar.

This year, the organisers have rather wisely rebranded it ‘Limerick’s Literary Festival in honour of Kate O’Brien’ and it takes place on 20th-23rd February in various Limerick locations.  Guests include Sebastian Barry, Claire Tomalin and Anne Enright.  Vivienne McKechnie (who lectured me in Creative Writing), will also be launching her excellent collection of poetry, ‘A Butterfly’s Wing’, published by Arlen House.

You can download the festival brochure here or pop into the Limerick Arts Office.

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